Rockin' Little Christmas Vinyl Book Package

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Pick up this exclusive package of Deborah's book The Loneliest Christmas Tree with a bonus vintage RCA 7" single of Deborah's seminole holiday favorite "Rockin' Little Christmas"!

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The little tree was a very lonely tree. In fact, he was the loneliest Christmas tree in the forest. He watched as all of the other trees around him were taken away to become beautiful Christmas trees in happy people’s homes. Slowly, a large city grew up around him. Life as a tree in the big city wasn’t too bad. Until, one day, a developer decided that the tree had to go in order to put in a parking lot. He would get his way, too, if not for the efforts of an unlikely savior and her equally unlikely friends! In her first book, award winning and Grammy nominated singer, Deborah Allen, tells a charming story of hope and inspiration. This book is beautifully illustrated by Molly Brooks.